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Studio Woodworking, located in Midtown Memphis, TN is the workshop of artisan, Cheryl Hazelton.
As a full time cabinetmaker, dedicated to the preservation of furniture making as a fine craft,
Cheryl creates one of a kind furnishings and home accents
using high quality materials and traditional methods.
Through her offerings of studio furniture, custom and restoration services,
she hopes to provide the highest quality handcrafted furniture, with an artistic sensibility.
Quotes for commissions and services are available upon request.

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Artist Statement

Born and raised in Northern New York, Cheryl always had a strong interest in the arts and creating things with her hands. Some of her most noted early works include the three dimensional "Duck with four legs", the aromatic "Dandelion Perfume", as well as her earliest encounters with architecture "Sand Pit" which led to the more adventurous "Covered Sand Pit with Tunnel." Although critics scoffed at these early edgy works, they were the beginning of Cheryl’s long tumultuous career as an artist.

With an exciting move to Memphis, Tennessee, Cheryl set her sights on another art form. To become a piccolo player in a rock band. That idea never got off the ground when she never learned to play the piccolo. Never to be dismayed, Cheryl continued her artistic endeavors, experimenting with all forms of art and communication obtaining a BFA in sculpture and even having some stints as "that girl guitar player in that awful band".

With the purchase of her first home, Cheryl’s interest in architecture and design flowered. When her collaborative piece, "Shop in My Backyard" was a great success, the possibilities became endless. Using her training as a sculptor and passion for wood, Cheryl began her never-ending study of furniture design and creation.

Serious, with a whimsical streak, Cheryl’s personality and passions can be found throughout her work. Colors and patterns of various woods are her palette for creating her one of a kind designs- all intended to liven up a living space and add art with a function. Most known for her style of "quilting" wood, a process not unlike creating a traditional crazy quilt using varieties of woods- Cheryl has also been experimenting with the traditional process of veneering and inlays. Cheryl’s loyal customers and associates speak highly of the quality and beauty of her custom works and accessories.

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